UPDATE: latest news

The Public Art Road Trip book and website was launched on Friday 22nd September 2017, at Primary, Nottingham as part of the symposium ‘Art, Public & the Commons’.

You can access the Public Art Road Trip website

If you would like a copy of the book, please email us at figuregroundprojects@gmail.com.



Public Art Road Trip 2014-15

Through 2014 and 2015 Figure Ground team members took a caravan on the road, visiting the Whitstable Biennial, the Hackney Wicked Art Festival, LV21 at Gillingham, Brighton, Lewes, Hastings, St Leonards, Nottingham, and Liverpool, and talking to over 30 artists about their practice.





Figure Ground received funding from the Arts Council England for their Public Art Road Trip project which took place over 2014-15. They visited and connected emerging artist-led public art schemes, projects and initiatives around the UK. As definitions of public art evolve, we are interested in how artists articulate what work in public means, and what form that work takes.

The idea was a mapping of art in public, by artists with artists, seeing the lay of the land for public art since the shift in funding and provision for the arts from the early 2000s to the present. In a series of short journeys by caravan which made up the ‘road trip’, and took place at intervals through 2014-2015, Figure Ground Artists researched, met with, and debated with emerging and more established practitioners who have self-initiated projects or artworks in the public realm.




Initially supported by NAN, we commissioned a series of short residencies across the South East of England. These residencies gave artists the opportunity to collaborate, develop work site specifically and participate in a debate about the future possibilities of public art.

Throughout 2011, we worked on ‘Track Changes’, an Arts Council England funded research and organisational development project. As part of this project we invited a number of public realm organisations to debate, share ideologies and build networks with. These organisations include Artangel, Banner Repeater, Fernymwoods Contemporary, PlaCE  (UWE), Stour Space, LV21, and Medway Council (INSITE project).

We also produced and commissioned a short artists residency onboard the LV21, a lightship moored on Gillingham Pier.
Figure Ground are are open to commissions, consultancy, and event facilitation opportunities.
Figure Ground members are: Katy Beinart, Jack Brown, Laura Krikke, and Jo Thomas.

Current Projects are lead by Katy, Jack, and Jo.