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If Figureground was a structure, what would it look like?

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 jack  jack Jo katy One of the projects from the weekend was for each individual member of Figureground to draw the structure that represented what Figureground meant to each of us. The following two are from Katy and Jack, with more to come from out other members.


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 two shelters taken from the third shelter around a fire pit  scenes from around the cottage  one of the views from the cottage  one of the shelters around the fire pit  jo demonstrates the size of the shelter the road into Fermywood towards the cottages

Hannah Hull

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Hannah Hull collaborated with some of the men who worked on the ship instead of working with other artists to create some beautiful knotwork. She writes of her experience on LV21. “I was most struck by how people continue to interact with a ship that is severed from its original primary function; the decommissioned ship… Read more »