At Home and the World

This year we presented at the ‘At Home and the World’ Conference in Totnes. We presented our process as a means of problem solving and invited audience members to participate and re-frame either a problem or their creative practice.

Our workshop and presentation at The Home and The World gave a background to our approach and then invited participants to describe their practice as a 3 dimensional model, and collaboratively critique each other’s models, offering to make changes which could create new approaches to current problems or sticking points.

Through model-making, people were able to ‘abstract’ problems, conflicts and issues in their practice and see them objectively; and through collaborative critique, new approaches to problem-solving were offered (and accepted). We are now testing this methodology in other settings, developing possibilities to expand this to engage with wider debates about artists development and role in working in the public realm.



figure ground at the Home and the World Conference. 2012 from jack brown on Vimeo.