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Threads of thoughts from Elise Liversedge

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“…. concept for public artwork the ships ‘last station’ and its relationship/navigational coordinates in regards its current anchorage which includes the  internal and external layered palimpsest collaboration with Mary…. this could be a simple mapping of ‘her’ current location and the borrowing of other elements within the landscape both with colour and light. and could also involve the… Read more »

Sadie Hennessy’s Plimsoll line picture

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From wikipedia – “The waterline, national Load Line or Plimsoll Line was invented by Samuel Plimsoll, to be positioned amidships, indicating the legal limit to which a ship may be loaded for specific water types and temperatures. To an observer on the ship the water appears to rise or fall against the hull. Temperature affects the level because warm water provides less buoyancy,… Read more »

Participants announced

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We had 180 application requests and 100 returned application forms for our Mini-residency on a Lightship event. We are now excited to announce the participants as Andrew Cross, Ann Rapstoff, Bram Thomas Arnold, Caren Hartley, David Dixon, Elise Liversedge, Fiona Long, Graham Dunning, Hannah Hull, Ingrid Plum, Jane Ponsford, Jessica Mautner, Katarzyna Perlak, Mary Hooper, Matt Bray, Nicola Rae, Sadie Hennessy, Sarah Britten-Jones, Steve McPherson, Will Nash. Click on the tab at the top… Read more »