1 day events (2009)

Brighton event in 2009 – artist testimonial

An opportunity to play, develop work without a set outcome in response to our location. From a purely selfish perspective as an artist, the one day bursary sounded like a good opportunity to create work that would naturally become included in the White Night celebrations that evening.

Other than that I had no idea what I was going to become part of, which added to its intrigue. We were cordoned off into groups selected by chance and we had discussions about public art, with each group answering a range of questions on a sheet. We were then given a map of Brighton and a section of it to create work in response to.

We set off immediately to the library and decided to leave a piece of art in a particular row of books on a set shelf. Each of us made small works on paper and slipped them into each book on the said shelf. We also created some other loose works that were installed in cds in the audio section.
Lunch was scheduled on the pier so we headed there where Jack devised we draw on penny and tuppence coins and inserted them into the coin machines. We worked away during lunch and installed the coins and then headed to my flat to create more works on paper which we placed into the jacket pockets of winter coats on the top floor of TK Maxx.

At this point we had fish and chips on the sea front and then finished off with a pint at the heart in hand where we devised the map linking all of the works together and delivered it to all the doors on the street of the heart and hand.

It was time to recoup with the group and go over everything we did that day. To see the results of our one day bursary please visit –