Bristol Meeting (2011)


Bristol Evolution Day

We headed to Bristol for an evolution day with Iain Biggs, Victoria Walters and Suze Adams, based at UWE and members of PlaCE, a grouping of creative, practice led, academic research centers that address issues of site, location, context and environment at the intersection of a multiplicity of disciplines and practices; and Funda Kemal, who had two hats on as Sustainable Communities Manager for Constructing Excellence & Future Foundations, University of the West of England and as Senior Urban Designer for Bath City Council.

Our meeting took the form of walk starting at the Arnofini and meandering around Bristols old docks as we discussed the many faces of working in the public realm from local authority and planning initiated public art schemes to academics offering critiques of commissioning processes.

Through our conversation there was a strong common ground of artists needing support, the value of face to face meetings, and of connecting on the middle ground of the mediator. As a result of the day, PlaCE invited Figure Ground to become an associate member.

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