Exchange Project Space (2012)


Exchange Project Space was set up by Jack Brown (of Figure Ground) as the Hackney Wicked Art Festivals 2011’s education programme. The space was open for five months hosting four artists in residence, talks, exhibitions, brunches, workshops and other visiting artists groups.

Exchange Project Space became Exchange Projects in 2012 and continues to work in Hackney –

Figure Ground met at the project space to explore an idea/question that can up through conversation in a previous meeting.
“If Figure Ground where a building, what would that building look like?”

We have also discussed the fact that as our workload increased as a group we were getting less and less time to meet creatively, or to put it another way to create while we met.

Se we set aside a day to meet and make….

What we discovered

Within the core team Figure Ground cover a range of approaches to art making. Faced with the task of somehow building or representing a structure that represented Figure Ground some painted, some built, some wrote and some explored.
An important aspect of the day was the process was much more important that the final outcome, we were free to play and experiment. It also proved an effective way to meet and get through an agenda – dipping in and out of conversations and allowing time to think before we agreed actions.
What we ended up with was as group of objects that somehow summed up what we felt Figure ground was – doors and ladders, layers, swings, using what we find and moving into unused spaces….

What next

We’ve re-branded Figure Ground and found a new clarity; it was simpler than we thought!

NOTE – Jack’s work with the Hackney Wicked Festival has been profoundly affected by his work within Figure Ground. Since the first year he was involved Jack has moved the festivals education programme from ‘outreach’ projects to much more thoughtful and critically engaged initiatives. Hackney Wicked 2012 saw an education programme called ‘development’ – a yearlong series of talks, events, workshops and artists professional development.